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UpLULA™ Univ. Pistol Mag. Loader

The amazing speed and convenience of our original LULA Speed Loader and Unloader is now available to handgunners. One size fits virtually all 9mm, 10mm, .357-, .40,- and .45-caliber mags - both single and double stack from all manufacturers.

#24222, 9mm - .45 Cal UPLULA

#24223, .22 - .380 Cal Baby UpLULA

#24222P, 9mm - .45 Cal UPLULA Pink

#24223P, .22 - .380Cal Baby UPLULA Pink

#24224, .22LR Wide Body Mags 22UpLULA

#24235, 1911A1 - Insert aligner cor UpLULA & 22UpLULA assist in loading 1911 style magazines

#24236, X10-LULA & V10 LULA - Non-Locking & Locking loaders for narrow .22LR mags with projecting follower button Ruger MK I, II, III, S&W 22A/22S, Browning BuckMark, Beretta U22 NEOS

#24238, X12-LULA - Non-Locking loader for wider .22LR mags with projecting follower button Walther P22, Ruger SR22, Colt .22 1911, S&W M&P .22

Watch how easy these work

*Please note that the BabyUpLULA will NOT load linked mags. UpLULA is a trademark of maglula Ltd. and is used with permission. USA and international patents pending.

10/22 Magazines