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  • $17.45 - $24.95

    Hot Lips Magazines

    Put rounds through your 10/22 faster than the blink of an eye and reload with amazing ease. Features a separately molded feed lip design made of an extremely tough, self-lubricating polymer Can be hooked together to make multi-feeding... more

  • Get the most out of your Savage® A-Series rifle with one of  Butler Creek’s 25-round magazines. These Savage Arms®-approved magazines brings extra capacity to your rifle. The magazine can be loaded traditionally or by using the red... more

  • $28.95

    Steel Lips Magazines

    The speed and efficiency of our Hot Lips 10/22 Magazines, plus the enhanced durability and function of stainless steel. Ideal for serious and competitive shooters. Precision-cast and ground holders include a patented system to clip two or three... more